Tuesday, January 26, 2010

F-F-F #18, The Stories

What, ya don't like the name of the brand? Póg mo thóin! Finish yer drink up 'n keep readin'!

David came up with the starter sentence, "As the sixth shot of whisky burnt its way down, I suddenly remembered what I left the house for."

So what kind of stories will this produce? Let's find out...

Doc goes shopping and takes us for the ride.

Randal drinks alone and snows us in with some noir.

Über burns our tongues with a taste of Utopia.

Alan has us crawling into a pub, instead of pub-crawling.

Chad says Mountain Dew can roll uphill.

Lewis J. evokes Burns, and I don't mean Monty.

Welles turns the heat up and hard-boils us.

David says the familiar can be a bit too much sometimes.

MRM tells us a tale about a man looking for answers at the bottom of a glass.