Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two stories and a contest

David Barber placed second in The Land's End Contest with this gem of a story, called "Millennium Princess." I guarantee that you are never going to guess how it ends.

If you remember Beach Bum from last year, he cooked up a good one with "A Southern Fried Fairy Tale."

Finally, Jason Evans says that there is another Clarity of Night Contest coming up-

The time is fast approaching for the biggest Clarity of Night contest ever! Author Stephen Parrish is co-hosting in honor of his newly released novel, THE TAVERNIER STONES. It's a thriller which opens with the discovery of a corpse clutching what is believed to be one of the lost Tavernier Stones--huge gems of legendary worth and beauty.

And now, you're about to discover your own treasure in the Clarity of Night "Uncovered" Short Fiction Contest! The prizes are legendary. $290 in prize money will be awarded (Amazon gift certificates), including $100 for 1st Place, $50 for 2nd Place, and $35 for 3rd Place. You can taste it, I know. For now, I'm giving you an early glimpse of the photo prompt to get the juices flowing. What jewel of a story can you create? As always, you will have 250 words to prove yourself and claim your booty.

The contest will open on Monday, July 19th. Look for more announcements as the time nears. Steven will be joining us and bringing all his Amish friends! (Oh wait, Amish don't have internet.) See you there, and please help spread the word.