Tuesday, August 24, 2010

F-F-F #39, The Stories

Is it a good idea to think "outside the box?"

Let's find out. For the very first starter sentence poll, Randal came up with, "She knew time was running out, fast, but opening that door was Pandora's Box all over again."

It did not win the poll that week, but I felt that this prose was more than worthy enough to revive, and I know that you will agree, too. There was also the added challenge that no one could write in the same genre as the one that they used on their previous session. Without further ado, let's see the results-

Gabby takes us to the inner trappings of the mind.

Nicole goes south of The Border and far into the past.

Sue soars out of this world.

Coraline reveals a protagonist that has to face her demon head on.

Aussie Paul brings us to where the action is.

MRM puts us on a different list.

Cormac plays us a song.

David eavesdrops on our Two Blokes, as they take a stab at writing.

Flannery tells about a resourceful school marm.

Randal goes beyond space and time as we know it.

Doc flies to Netherland.

The Professor shows a prelude to...