Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starter Sentence Poll #20*

Don't let the Spanish Barbary Sheep hypnotize you! Pick a sentence! Pick a sentence! Choose from the following-

David says, "I can't handle this, cause if what you're telling me is true we're..."

J.C. Montgomery says, "You know...there is nothing as tempting as a locked door."

Flannery says, "You know you're screwed when Leo gives you the cold shoulder."

The Professor says, "He walked in and slid the photograph across my desk."

MRM says, "The price of admission was more than he/she/they could afford."

Doc says, "It's a little tricky at first cause sometimes you have to give it a bit of finger."

Randal says, "The magic of Satie did more than murder the parade of seasons."

Aussie Paul says, "When it came right down it, I guess it was better this way."

*Technically, Poll #19 never really got off the ground, but, hey.