Tuesday, March 2, 2010

F-F-F #22, The Stories

Robert C. joins us this week and since he doesn't have a blog, his story is posted right below the links.

Samir The Siberian Tiger says...

..."Friday Flash Fiction doesn't wanting mascots with good tastes, Friday Flash Fiction wanting mascots that tastes good. Da, and Friday Flash Fiction Seal tastes good. Приятного аппетита (Prijatnogo appetita)!"

Towards the end of JJ's Friday Flash Fiction, in lieu of a starter sentence, he would post four words, instead. The idea was that you were to incorporate those words into the story and it didn't matter in what order, but they all had to be in there.The four that I came up with were:

Manic, Panic, Organic and Non-corrosive.

Check out the results-

CJT/Nicole says there's a way around violence in the workplace.

MRM goes beyond the microscope to get to the essence of the story.

Aussie Paul whispers to beware of strangers.

Randal goes all free verse on you, you free birds.

David redefines "alienation."

Doc gives you tension that you could cut with a knife...or wire-cutters.

by Robert C

Billy took what some snake oil salesman insisted was organic acid. Organic acid? That's kind of like synthetic water!

Billy, loaded and manic as werewolves, blatzed into a 7-11, holding his dick like he hoped the store guy would think the thing was an Uzi. What a stone fucking panic that was!

The guy laughed his ass off and pulled out a .38 special.

Anyone could have told Billy; drop TNT down your gullet and that kind of shit is what happens.
Sadder but wiser, Billy decided to stick with the weed. Weed--non-explosive and way non-corrosive as far as his mental state went. He hated those space wars bouncing around in his eyeballs…

Yeah, he'd stick with weed…assuming he ever made bail in this lifetime.