Wednesday, March 10, 2010

F-F-F #23, The Stories

One fiction site makes you larger...

And one story site makes you small...

But the one labled "Friday Flash Fiction," spins your mind like a squall
Go ask Alice, when she's hanging out with Aussie Paul

MRM came up with, "I/He/She/It/They/(place name here) had to kick out the back window to escape."

Let's see the results-

Nicole whispers about a woman that just can't seem to sleep at night.

Randal goes all Romero on us.

Aussie Paul weaves a quick spin about a man who seemingly vanishes into thin air.

MRM mixes pulp with my favorite joke from my teen years.

Doc tells a tale of a man who loses by winning.

Über says not all heroes walk upright.

Deegan gives us twice the pulp in one session.

Chad shows that we should always be aware.

Welles goes the thriller and espionage route.

The Professor lets it bleed.

Remember, what Randal said...

"Right said, Fred!"

"Drink Moosehead!"