Thursday, September 17, 2009

F-F-F #2

Okay, I’m sorry in that I’ll have to pick the starter sentence this week, though I will take suggestions on next Tuesday the 24th and time allowing, there will be a Blogger widget poll for everyone to vote on which one we will use.

Twenty years ago I wanted to stay home and watch Monday Night Football, but I had to be at work early that night, so I had no idea who won. As we were moving from one work site to the other, a blind man overheard my coworker ask me won. The blind man then proceeded to give the most vivid and accurate account of the game.

Now the thing is if you listen to an NFL game on the radio, it’s as if they don’t do a good job, they often do a great one in terms of play-by-play. The thing is that the blind man described exactly what happened on television, in such a way that put both the radio and TV versions to shame.

When I saw the highlights, I was shocked with all the details that he got right, everything except the colors and the physical descriptions of the players and the field. He filled in the images in such a way that if you had never seen a football game, this man (who probably was born blind) put you in that game as if you were right there at field level.

What I would like you to do is the exact opposite. The starter sentence(s) is: “Nicole’s cataracts have worsened, so I knew she was going to be running late because she had to relearn her way around. She suprised me at the restaurant when she showed up beside our usual table and asked me, ‘wow, what just happened?’”