Tuesday, April 13, 2010

F-F-F #28, The Stories

Some days, it's so hard to get clean, you know?

Paulie D. Brazill came up with the starter sentence, "The trouble with me is that I never realise how deep in the shit I am until I'm choking on the stuff."

Let's see the results-

Sue tells an escape tale.

Paul says even hit men have it hard.

Welles speaks of a different seduction.

Flannery says favoritism can lead to unfavorable things.

The Professor weaves a tale where the protagonist is not just knee-deep in it.

Randal narrates a tale of someone who meets a nasty end.

Nicole whispers of a story that will take you away.

David wonders about the price of infidelity.

Chad has a gritty bar yarn.