Tuesday, November 24, 2009

F-F-F #11, The Stories

Dave joined us last week, and now we have Quin and Lewis joining us this week.

Towards the end of JJ's Friday Flash Fiction, in lieu of a starter sentence, he would post four words, instead. The idea was that you were to incorporate those words into the story and it didn't matter in what order, but they all had to be in there.

The four that I came up with were: Pater, pest, perpendicular, and schlemiel

Obviously this session was a little more difficult, so let us see what our authors came up with-

Randal confounds the moderator.

Quin hints that sometimes it's better to let the past lie where it is.

Lewis J. gives a whole new meaning to the Southern term, "breaking one's plate."

Freida says that despite the spelling, there is no "f-u-n" is dysfunctional.

Alan Griffiths gives Valentine just a few mentions, and goes in a slightly different direction.

MRMacrum dares us to go into the woods.

David Barber tells a story of a conflicted father and a family divided.

The Professor plays a homage to top pater.

Doc's protagonist wants to love someone a long time.

You never know where treasure can be found, or so says Beach.