Thursday, November 12, 2009

Starter Poll #6

Don't be a fakir and wash your face with glass, pick the sentence you want for Friday Flash Fiction, instead.

So here it goes, the real moisturizing deal and silica-free-

Doc says, "When I was a kid, my father once told me to never trust a man that whistles and it didn't make much sense then, but it sure does now!"

MRM says, "Spitting out the sandy glob of swamp goo, he cussed his luck, his friends, and Life in general."

Über says, "Drivers all over the world emerged from their cars, bewildered and frightened by the growing realization that automated transportation everywhere had ceased operating -- without warning or explanation."

Randal says, "The evidence snapped, the incredible moustache went off to mail the blackmail to both male and female."

Beach says, "The old camera had been in a box for decades, the pictures never developed, and now with the prints in his hand his blood ran cold from looking at the images that came from it."

The results will go live on November, Friday the 13th, 2009, @ 10 AM.