Tuesday, February 2, 2010

F-F-F #19, The Stories

CJT/Nicole joins us this week.

Friday Flash Fiction has you by the tail...

...and don't claw The Moderator.

This week, Friday Flash Fiction allowed you to have the Official Cormac Experience, minus the sleep deprivation and the sociopathic tendencies. The starter sentence was from my incomplete story pile- "As far as Jack was concerned, even a field of four-leaf clovers couldn’t turn things around. He was convinced that because he was born in a leap year, that he was under a secret thirteenth Zodiac sign and its symbol was a giant screw."

Let's see the results-

Randal goes way out there and pulls us back in with the last line.

Nicole shows us why alcohol and Nevada don't mix.

Welles weaves a tale where a redhead walks into a bar...

David tells a tale of a real piece of work that pulls everything with him as he goes down the drain.

Doc takes us out on the road.