Tuesday, February 16, 2010

F-F-F #21, The Stories

Friday Flash Fiction Seal laughs at you all...

...needless to say, because of that? This is his last appearance on this blog.

Deegan came up with the starter sentence, "In matters of life and death, one could not forever rely on the judgment of his fellow man."

Let's see the results-

Randal has your religon by the Magic Eightballs.

CJT/Nicole gives us a dose of canned reality.

Aussie Paul says that one particular section of people does not measure up.

Welles goes Horace Greely on us, or is that Zane Grey?

Deegan tells a tale that I guarantee will have you never looking at cribbage the same way again.

Chad says that sometimes a simple song can haunt you.

MRM mixes genres, check the results.

The Professor rages against the machine.