Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Line up those starter sentences!

You can ride around and around, in Mumbai's "Circle of Driving Death." Until the wood gives way, or you run out of gas....

...but wouldn't it be easier to come up with a starter sentence, instead?

From last week, we already have for this week's session-

Chad says, "He had $1.17 in his pocket, a bruise on his thigh, and the residue of pear juice on his chin; maybe life was turning around."

Jimm says, "Margaret had never seen one of such length and girth and certainly not one with such a luminous green glow."

You know the drill or if you don't, check out the older posts to get an idea. Please remit your new sentences or submit your old ones in the comment section. I will then load them into poll form tomorrow, Thursday, February 11th @ 9:30 AM, Pacific Time.