Tuesday, December 8, 2009

F-F-F- #12, The Stories

Chad joins us this week.

Elizabeth doesn't quite get the concept of fair competition, "no sucker punching" or even that of Flash Fiction, but these authors do.

Übermilf delivered the starting sentence, "She was always threatening to punch someone in the face, but this time she meant it."

MRMacrum tells a tale about a woman that can only be pushed so far.

Freida Bee's Florence Josephine changes things up this time.

Randal says someone gets a fistful.

Alan relates a yarn about transitions and all apologies to another blogger who uses that avatar, I didn't influence his picking that.

Chad will tell you to be careful who you mouth off to.

David gives a different rum punch, Jackie Brown.

Über spins horror and redemption in her narrative.

Doc challenges your eye for detail.

The Professor provokes with this provocation.