Thursday, December 31, 2009

Starter Sentence Poll #8

Faith, The Two-legged Dog has cornered a starter sentence in a tree, and it's up to you bring that sentence down...

Paulie Decibels says, "Whenever it rains on a Sunday, Peter thinks of his grandad's last words and, for the 1000th time, tries to work out what the old fool was talking about."

MRM says, "He was half way home when his pocket started ringing."

Über says, "The weak, sickly streams of winter sunlight did nothing to pierce the icy gloom and despair."

The Professor says, "He/she saw the orange Necco wafer on the counter top and started to cry."

Doc says, "It's ruined! Ruined! And it's all your fault!"

The results will go live on January 1st, 2010, @ 10:30 AM.