Thursday, December 3, 2009

Starter Sentence Poll #7

Friday Flash Fiction is not amused...

...unless you pick the start sentence that you want for "Best In Show."

Lewis J. says, "Boss, you're not going to believe this." The sargeant paused as Detective Chief Inspector Lomax looked up from the pile of reports in front of him. "There's been a shooting. One dead. Its not a joke when I tell ya its Santa."

Paulie Decibels says, "'Say what you like about Stalin but at least he got things done,' said Arek."

Doc says, "Oh my, that's a nasty gash you have!"

The Professor says, "It was extreme, and the green, orange, and yellow flashes of light made his mind feel as if world around him/her was falling apart as in an avalanche."

David Barber says, "Spare us some change mister. I was the first man on the moon, ya know."

Über says, "She was always threatening to punch someone in the face, but this time she meant it."

Randal says, "Wherever they ran and hid, it was to no avail for the diabolical foot would not be stomped."

The results will go live on December, Friday the 4th, 2009, @ 10:30 AM.