Tuesday, January 19, 2010

F-F-F #17, The Stories

Flies cringe in fear, while the French rejoice!

This was the first time that we had three starter sentences to chose from, as there was a tie at the polls-

MRM says, "I am not supposed to remember any of this."

Randal says, "'But Vladimir Putin will always permit break dancing.'"

Lewis J. says, "As soon as he heard the cell phone notify receipt of the text message he knew there was no going back."

Let's see the results...

Freida tells a tale where changes abound.

Randal narrates a tale that must break you, Comrade.

MRM goes with three stories, one for each starter sentence. Then he freestyles. And then he haunts Jim Hensen.

Rum says payback is...

Lewis J. goes all Charlie Bronson on us.

David adds another chapter to his last story.

Doc gets us into Olympus (there, entendre-less Doc, okay?).

Welles weighs in with another sci-fi tale.

Über proves that life isn't as easy as soap operas make it to be.