Wednesday, January 27, 2010

F-F-F #19

Yea, verily, my writing gives indigestion to tigers everywhere... you too, can have the Cormac Experience! First, get no sleep. Second...uh, I can't very well give that away, and have you all be me. All you need to really do anyway, is to make sure that you are good and Travis Bickle'd up.

This week's starter sentence- "As far as Jack was concerned, even a field of four-leaf clovers couldn’t turn things around. He was convinced that because he was born in a leap year, that he was under a secret thirteenth Zodiac sign and its symbol was a giant screw."

Sounds simple enough, but if you've done this before, you know better. You know the deal, if you are in, please say so. Have it done by Tuesday @9 AM Pacific, February 2nd, all right?